Black Light Mini-Golf


Come hang out with Mori on Mars or dive in the ocean on our black light mini-golf courses!

Get ready for not one but TWO Black Light Mini Golf Courses! Choose your own adventure and explore outer space in our Mori Course or go down below and explore the ocean floor in our Underwater Course! Both courses have 18-holes and are fun for the entire family!
Our Mori themed course is out-of-this-world fun! Explore the red planet with Mori, a friendly Martian who crash landed at Tilt Studio. Putt your way around Mars and put your skills to the test, making sure to avoid craters and rocks!
Our Underwater themed course is teeming with fish and sea friends! Bright colorful fish are illuminated by black lights and are a great backdrop for birthday parties, dates, and family nights. Putt your way around starfish and into the jaws of a shark!
Family Bowling Air Hockey